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Up To Date In Shreveport LA
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Shreveport is located on the west side of the Red River, opposite Bossier City, in the northwestern section of Louisiana, some thirty miles south of Arkansas, and fifteen miles east of Texas. A portion of the city is situated in the Red River bottom lands, and the remainder is in gently rolling hills that begin about one mile west of the river. The National Weather Service office is at the Shreveport Regional Airport, about eight miles southwest of the downtown area.

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Elevations in the Shreveport area range from about to feet above sea level. The climate of Shreveport is transitional between the subtropical humid-type prevalent in the South and the continental climates of the Great Plains and Midwest to the north. During winter, masses of moderate to severely cold air move periodically through the area. The spring and fall seasons are usually mild, while the summer months are consistently hot and humid, with high pressure and a moist southerly flow being the dominant features. Rainfall is abundant with the normal annual rain just over 51 inches, with monthly averages ranging less than 3 inches in August to more than 5 inches in May and June.

The average growing season for northwest Louisiana ranges between and days in length. The majority of rainfall is convective in nature and air mass types-showers and brief-except during winter when nearly continuous frontal rains may persist for a few days. Extremes of precipitation occur in all seasons. While torrential rainfall is the exception in the Shreveport area, some heavy rainfall events of note are The July total of The greatest annual rainfall total of record was in with The months with the fewest days of rain are August and October, with August having the least average precipitation.

Shreveport, Louisiana. Year-to-date Climate. Monroe, Louisiana. Texarkana, Arkansas. El Dorado, Arkansas.

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DeQueen, Arkansas. Tyler, Texas.

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Lufkin, Texas. Shreveport, LA Comments? Please. Please try another search.

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Multiple locations were found. Please select one of the following:. Location Help. News Headlines. Customize Your Weather. Privacy Policy. Current Hazards.

Local National Ft. Valley Radar Southern Plains Radar. Rivers and Lakes. Climate and Past Weather. Climate Facts. Weather and Climate Facts Shreveport is located on the west side of the Red River, opposite Bossier City, in the northwestern section of Louisiana, some thirty miles south of Arkansas, and fifteen miles east of Texas.

The winter months are normally mild, with cold spells generally of short duration. The typical pattern is to turn cold one day, reaching the lowest temperature on the second day, and a warming trend on the third day. The coldest temperature on record at Shreveport is -5 degrees F on February 12, Temperatures of freezing or below occur each winter with an average of 39 days during the year. Temperatures drop below 15 degrees F only about one out of every two winters.

The average date of the freeze 32 degrees F or lower in the fall is November 15, and the average date of the last freeze in the spring is March Freezing temperatures have been recorded as early as October 19 and as late as April Temperatures recorded at the National Weather Service office on clear, calm nights are normally two to five Shreveport warmer than those in the low-lying river bottom lands of the area.

Measurable snowfall amounts occur on an average of only once every other year; many consecutive years may pass with no measurable snowfall. The heaviest snowstorm of record in the Shreveport area is This fell on the 21st and 22nd, and one-half inch remained on the ground on December 25th making this the only Christmas Day on record with snow on the ground. In Occasional ice and sleet storms do considerable damage to trees, power and telephone lines, as well as make travel very difficult. The summer months are consistently quite warm, with maximum temperatures exceeding date F about 6 days per year, exceeding 95 degrees F about 32 days per year, and exceeding 90 degrees F about 87 days per year.

The highest temperature on record is degrees F on August 18, Showers and thunderstorms at any one location in the area give about eight days in a month of measurable rainfall. The resulting point rainfall totals are usually less than one-half inch except on two or three days per month when heavier amounts are recorded.

Thunderstorms occur each month, but are most frequent in spring and summer months. The showers and thunderstorms during the spring and autumn months are most often produced by squall lines and fronts, and are generally heavier than the air mass showers, which occur in the summer months.

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Severe local storms, including hailstorms, tornadoes, and local wind storms have occurred over small areas in all seasons, but are most frequent during the spring months, with a secondary peak from November to early January. Large hail of a damaging nature is infrequent, although hail as large as grapefruit fell in Marchand baseball size hail fell in May and April of The average relative humidity is rather high in all seasons.

These high humidity values may be experienced at any hour, but occur mainly during the early morning hours, with two-thirds of the hours shortly before sunrise having relative humidity of 90 percent or higher. In contrast, more than half of the mid-afternoon hours have had relative humidity values of less than 50 percent.

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Tropical cyclones are in the dissipating stages by the time they reach this portion of Louisiana, and winds from them are usually not a destructive factor. Rainfall accompanying these systems can be heavy and can contribute to local flooding.

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Back to Top. The only Christmas with snow on the ground was December 25, Lowest on Record Winds greater than 58 mph severe occur on the average of 4 days a year. Winds greater than 75 mph occur on average of 1 day a year. Peak winds are estimated, but based on damage, 17 of these tornadoes produced peak winds less than mph EF0, EF1while another 10 produced winds of mph.

Three of these tornadoes produced winds in excess of mph. These three tornadoes received ratings of F4 under the old Fujita Scale. The Enhanced Fujita Scale was not commissioned until Under the new scale, wind speeds above mph would be in the EF5 category. The largest documented tornado outbreak in one day for this area.

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Although there were a large of tornadoes that day, there was no loss of life. Four tornado touchdowns were noted across Caddo and Bossier Parishes with this outbreak. Two of these tornadoes impacted portions of Shreveport, causing moderate to severe damage in the northern and southern sections of town. The tornado that struck North Shreveport developed over Cross Lake as a waterspout and moved onto land as a tornadoand moved eastward into Downtown Shreveport causing F1 damage.

A second tornado F2 developed near Greenwood and tracked eastward into South Shreveport near Stagecoach Road destroying several homes and causing extensive damage across South Shreveport, before crossing the Red River into Southern Bossier Parish. This tornado intensified as it crossed the river F3 causing severe damage just south of Elm Grove. In addition, golfball to softball sized hail was reported over much of Shreveport and Bossier City as these storms rolled through.

It destroyed over homes. At Hay Meadow, 66 of the mobile homes were completely destroyed.

Climate information for the shreveport-bossier metro area

At this point, it lifted a pound Ford tractor front-end loader and dropped it some feet downwind. Based on other effects, the storm winds decreased to mph along the Highway west side of Western Electric when it demolished 2 houses and 1 store.

The wind assessment was based on steel beams. The storm then moved across and turned left, destroyed an entire mobile home park 40 homes. The wind gusts had probably decreased to mph when it reached the Southern Hills subdivision in South Shreveport.

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December 3, - Bossier City F4 The Bossier City tornado of December 3,produced an effective wind gust of about mph in two areas. Back to top. Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department. Follow us on Twitter.

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