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The search for a little girl who may be the last girl alive in her school that collapsed. It never goes away. Among the dead are 22 children who died when their elementary school collapsed, rescuers continue to search for survivors at that school. At least 52 people pulled from piles of rubble, but tonight, rain is making the dangerous search for survivors even more difficult and the entire island of Puerto Rico is without power tonight after being struck by a devastating category 4 hurricane. San Juan, Puerto Rico could be without power for four to six months as you just heard Rachel say, according to mayor, says that is a possibility and there is the potential of more flooding and mudslides.

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People cannot forget we are U. Dispatches from reporters across the island today paint a picture of many areas of Puerto Rico that are still utterly cut off. Many places on the island that have yet to see any aid or any assistance whatsoever.

And as I say, this is the sixth night of this thus far. They rely on dating kindness of United States senators who just -- who take an interest in it which is almost Puerto. New York senators historically have taken a stronger interest than others, but to get their voices heard when they need it in Washington is not easy. But in terms of the U. MADDOW: As well as hard to -- making it hard for the response thus far, but the response this far is absolutely inadequate.

Bill Moyers will tell us what President Johnson had to say publicly about that, and what President Johnson had to say publicly about other protests by athletes at that time including at the Olympics in And this war of presidential words versus protests symbolism is happening at a time when it may be that we have never been closer to nuclear war.

North Korea says Rico believe we have declared war on them. Odonnell think the president of the United States has declared war on them. At the same time, the president has an unprecedented disaster as Rachel was just talking about. An unprecedented disaster to deal with in the island territories of the United States and the Caribbean.

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Puerto Rico and the U. They have the full support of the United States of America. They have always believed that they could count on the commander-in-chief commanding the resources and aid that the islands need until now. They hit too hard, 15 yards throw him out odonnell the game. They had that last week, I watched for a couple of minutes. He had to extend that attack on NFL referees to dating that the referees are doing that to impress their wives. He felt the need to squeeze in that bit of misogyny, that Puerto of blame the woman somehow for what happens on an NFL field.

The president spoke of the lost glory of the violence of the NFL the day after it was revealed that former Patriots tight-end, year-old Aaron Hernandez had the kind of brain damage that had ly only been seen in NFL players in their 60s. The "New York Times" reported, quote, "the brain damage was so severe that scientists all but gasped. But we do know that on his Sundays in prison in Walpole, Massachusetts, he could hear the roar of the crowd at the Patriots games Rico nearby Foxborough. In the president of the United States -- if the president of the United States was going to speak about football on Friday, you could expect it to be possibly something in reaction to the Aaron Hernandez autopsy findings, something about the public health crisis facing football, the concussion crisis.

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You might expect the president to say something to worried parents not sure whether they should allow their kids to play football now that we know the younger the brain, the higher the risk of damage during the normal patterns of contact in football. But this president wanted to make the violence of football a Trump campaign agenda, a Trump agenda item, put it right up there with building the wall. Violence in football? Donald Trump is in favor. There is beauty in football.

Most of it is in the halftime show, but there is genuine athletic beauty in pass plays, especially the long pass plays. We have some of them recorded in our brains for the rest of our lives. Some of them are miraculously beautiful.

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This president of the United States thinks the violence is one of the beautiful things about football. And that is the president of the United States who has brought us closer to nuclear war with his rhetoric than any president in history. The president may have said those things because he knew that reporting by "Politico" was about to reveal that his son-in-law Jared Kushner did something that Trump voters were taught to believe you should be locked up for.

Under the headline, Kushner used private e-mail to conduct White House business. And that has led to the breaking news report tonight that Trump used private e-mail to conduct White House business -- Ivanka Trump. If the president knew that those reports were coming, he might do or say something to get the American news media talking about something else. It worked. But it might be a surprise tonight to the president that the NFL including the owners and coaches are standing so strongly against his comments.

Tonight, the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones linked arms and knelt before the national anthem in what they say was a statement of equality and unity.

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The Cowboys who are playing the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona were odonnell by the crowd. And Jason Johnson; politics editor at the Root. Com and an Msnbc contributor. That cynicism, the same cynicism Puerto display of this attack on Steph Curry and on Rico Kaepernick and on the NFL and these players were protesting. Dating cynicism is staggering and the hypocrisy is staggering. People who watch the NFL are all over the political spectrum. But I think, Lawrence, and you mentioned this at the beginning and I think this is sort of a key thing. The fact that he could spend his whole weekend arguing about football and ignoring the fact that you got hundreds of thousands of American citizens who are without power and will be without power for months is a reflection of his despicable focus on only those racial and cultural things that lead to his anger and his base and not what actually matters to people in this country.

I mean, is that something you think he knew before running for president or before inauguration? The playbook is launch a culture war. John Podhoretz wrote this thing on Twitter over the weekend, "we are Pavlov -- Trump is Pavlov, we are the dogs.

The last word with lawrence o'donnell, transcript 9/25/17 jimmy kimmel thanks sen. collins

That this particular weekend occurs when you have this crisis in Puerto Rico which is a matter of extreme presidential attention in which presidential attention can make all the difference. And we also are in this -- astonishing, inching toward confrontation with North Korea because of the president of the United States rhetoric. You have a potential war with North Korea. You have a crisis for American citizens in Puerto Rico, and these are not things that are receiving the bulk of his time, the bulk of his attention and the bulk of what this government seems to be concerned with.

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But I also say this, and I think this is really important to understand about what we saw on Sunday. That was just a bunch of rich guys arguing with each other.

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Jerry Jones went and hired a guy -- you know, a hardee ph last year who was beating women to death. And Bill Moyers is here tonight to talk about President Trump and his reaction to protests -- first amendment protected protests. Even before Republican Senator Susan Collins announced her opposition to the Republican health care bill late this afternoon, President Trump sounded like he had already given up this morning when he said this.

Susan Collins is the third Republican senator to announce her opposition to the Republican health care bill. Senator Collins announced her decision after the Congressional Budget Office released a preliminary report today, stating that millions would lose health insurance as a result of the Graham-Cassidy bill.

The CBO cannot give a specific until it finishes its complete analysis of the bill which would take several weeks if it does complete it. In its preliminary report, the CBO says "the of people with comprehensive health insurance that covers high cost medical events would be reduced by millions.

The last word with lawrence o'donnell, transcript 9/20/17 mexico quake death toll rises to

And it found as I expected would be the case, that it would have a negative impact on millions of Americans who are now insured. I have to do what I think is right. I have to do what I think is right for the people of Maine and the people of this country. And that is what has led me to my decision today.

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Here now is the Jimmy Kimmel -- some of the Jimmy Kimmel tape that will be on Rico program later tonight. And I just let it go because I talked to probably people and I heard these stories over and over again. And it was astonishing to see the response he got there. And I think this time, you know, people are starting to flag a little bit, they thought it was over in July.

And I think Jimmy Kimmel really did sort of shine a spotlight on it and kind of help rouse some of the people, you know, back up to realize that this is something that really could have happened. It was unlike any that the committee has ever had before with that protest. And many -- dating was many of the same senators and yet those were serious -- they were serious discussions to get to a serious conclusion.

So most of them went into this hearing knowing this thing is dead before the hearing took place. But you got Ted Cruz out there, you got Mike Lee out there who are not on the side of the bill. There are two things that are absolutely necessary to pass a major health care bill in the Senate or in the Congress and that is enthusiasm and party discipline.

ROVNER: This has been, you know, sort of the dirty little secret of this entire process, which is that the Republicans are just as divided over health care as the Democrats are Odonnell you not been paying attention to the healthcare debate through your entire adult life? Anybody who thought that was just completely out to lunch. So he may find it Puerto the best interest at some point shortly to start agitating again for a health care bill and beat up on Republicans. Senator Graham said he hopes they have vote anyway. Really appreciate it. The likes of which the island has not seen and what should have been happening inside the Whitehouse.

I cannot salute the flag. I know that I am a black man in a white world.

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Bill Moyers is a Peabody award winning journalist, served as the White House Press Secretary in the Johnson Administration from to and we have the honor of bill ing us now. Thank you for being here and so take us back to this -- you were in the Whitehouse when Mohammed Ali defied the draft. Vietnam was the biggest issue in the country at the time in terms of the tensions of the country which was just almost coming out of but not quite coming out of the tensions in the civil rights movement and still very active.

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Privately he often said very harsh things about them, particularly as the war in Vietnam escalated and as it then became a quagmire. The Vietnam series quoted as being very harsh about protesters outside of the White House and draft dodgers. And that was one of the rare times that he said in it a way that more than a few people in the room could hear it.

That actual part of his move which was really executed in where he really started moving Johnson started moving toward trying to get peace talks was a matter of what he was hearing from his sons-in-law? He and Lucy, his youngest daughter after the boys went to Vietnam they would go to midnight mass in the local Catholic Church.

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