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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 3rd of February Report.

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Introduction: We meet some of the main characters of our story, the two head to town for supplies. Don't worry, more sex will come, let's get the story set up first. Her short, curly brown hair partially covering her face, her green eyes staring back at Pete. A tight blue blouse tucked into her long brown dress covering large tits. Climbing on top of her, Pete ran his hand up the side of her slender body. Pressing his body against Abigail, their lips met. With his short brown hair and brown eyes, fit, muscular body, and a nice member to match, Abigail had been attracted to Pete since they were childhood friends.

Looking down at Abigail, Pete could feel his cock growing in his trousers. Lowering his head, he took one nipple deep into his mouth, his left hand cupping her other breast. Abigail let out moan as Pete swirled his tongue around her erect nipple.

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Pete could feel her hands running over back of his head. She pushed him against her, forcing more of her breast Bay his mouth. Sucking her nipple harder, Abigail let free a louder moan. Her hands ran from his head, down his back, around front and quickly unbuttoned his pants. Flinging both garments onto the floor, he climbed back on top of Abigail, cock in his hand. With a quick thrust, Pete was in. Pure pleasure sex over his body as he entered Abigail.

He bent over, kissing her again as he pushed the rest of himself deep into Abigail. She let out a moan as she felt his balls meet her. Pete quickly established a slow, deep rhythm, savoring every inch as he fucked Abigail. Reaching down, her gripped her tits hard as he started to ram his cock deep into Abigail. Pete tried to cover himself as his companion stood there at the opening of the tent watching him. Pete looked over at Stories. Her long red hair freed after being tied up all day, her green eyes staring at the top of the tent.

Skin lightly kissed by the sun, and set of tits that would make the whores at the saloon jealous. Her white blouse was dirty, and some blood was splattered up the side. Throwing his cum soaked handkerchief towards the entrance to the tent, he laid down as well. His mind started Green wander, back to Abigail, laying naked on the bed before him.

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She was motioning for Pete to come back to her. As Pete drifted to sleep, his penis began to wake up, again. Morning came all too quick, as it normally does. Sitting up, he looked over, Ginger was still asleep.

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Quietly, he rolled off his blanket and exited the tent. He stood up straight and stretched, feeling the cool morning breeze against him.

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Wearing his long night shirt and undergarment, he gathered supplies for breakfast. By the time he finished making eggs and beans, Ginger emerged from the tent fully dressed. The morning sun shone brightly against her auburn hair, her emerald eyes admiring the sunrise off the horizon.

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Her green striped blouse barely able to hold her magnificent tits place and her brown dress accenting her ass. She walked over and sat next to Pete, who handed her a plate of eggs, and beans.

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These were our last eggs, so we need to find a town. Passing a couple of farms, the two decided to keep going instead of stopping, thinking there would be more supplies available in town.

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After traveling for hours through north Texas, Pete and Ginger finally made it to town as the sun was beginning to set. Pete ignored her at the two strode down main street. The street was a full of people buying up supplies before night fall. The street was long, full of shops and stalls, selling useless stuff to passersby.

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As they approached the main intersection, a tubby man dressed up in a button shirt, brown trousers and sporting a striped apron approached Pete and Ginger. Fused with honey, and special herbs, it is guaranteed to give you the boost to continue your travels. Let Mr. Pete holstered his pistol and motioned his horse to keep going. The two hitched their horses outside of the Saloon. As they walked up the stairs, a group of drunk, laughing men exited, falling everywhere. One with a scraggly beard tripped over his friend, catching himself on Ginger.

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His arm around her, one hand landed squarely on her amazing tits. With one swift motion, Ginger flipped the man onto his back and her pistol was pointed at his face. The man fell over, coughing loudly before heaving everywhere. Ginger followed him inside. The Saloon was dark, dirty, and reeked of bile.

There were small tables around the place, and men around them drinking. There were also women walking around, the whores of the house. They were constantly leading horny men up and down the stairs to their rooms.

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The sounds of moaning men could be heard withe laughs of the drunk. Taking a seat at the bar, Pete and Ginger each ordered themselves a drink. The bartender was a slim man, short brown hair, hazel eyes. A long scar ran up his cheek, and there were scars of bullet holes on his arm. Here for the whores? Or are you just going to rob the place? Putting their drinks down, they both looked back at the bartender. As they were talking, a rather gorgeous woman came up next to Pete.

Her perfume was strong, and her skin was soft as she touched his face. Pete turned to look at her, and his eyes widened. A Blonde beauty stood before him. She was thin, hair pulled back with dazzling blue eyes.

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A red corset perked up her tits, and her stockings carefully covered her long legs. Without asking, the bartender poured her another drink. Read times Rated Please rate this text:. You are not logged in. Characters count:.

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