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By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline. A woman who married a man she met while writing to inmates on death row, has revealed they've managed to have a baby together - despite conjugal visits not being permitted at his prison. Sigrid, 39, who is from France but now lives in Floridaspoke to Truly about the challenges she's faced since beginning a relationship with Alan Wade, 33, who was convicted in of robbery, kidnapping and first-degree murders of Reggie and Carol Sumner, a retired couple living in Jacksonville, who he buried alive. Alan and Sigrid met after she began writing to prisoners because she's against the death penalty and have now welcomed a son, although Sigrid has not revealed how she managed to fall pregnant with her husand behind bars at Union Correctional Institution.

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The Spanish assault on French Florida began as part of imperial Spain's geopolitical strategy of developing colonies in the New World to protect its claimed territories against incursions by other European powers. From the early 16th century, the French had historic claims to some of the lands in the New World that the Spanish called La Florida. The French crown and the Huguenots led by Admiral Gaspard de Coligny believed that planting French settlers in Florida would help defuse religious conflicts in France and strengthen its own claim to a part of North America.

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Johns River in June The Spanish laid claim to a vast area that included the modern state of Floridaalong with much of what is now the southeastern United States, on the strength of several expeditions in the first half of the s, including those of Ponce de Leon and Hernando de Soto. Augustine about 30 miles south of Fort Caroline.

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Menendez had not known that the French had already arrived in the area, and upon discovering the existence of Fort Caroline, he aggressively moved to expel those whom he considered heretics and intruders. When Jean Ribault learned of the Spanish presence nearby, he also decided on a swift assault and sailed south from Fort Caroline with most of his troops to search for St. However, his ships were struck by a storm possibly a tropical storm and most of the French force was lost at sea, leaving Ribault and several hundred survivors shipwrecked with limited food and supplies several miles south of the Spanish colony.

Meanwhile, Menendez marched north, overwhelmed the remaining defenders of Fort Caroline, massacred most of the French Protestants in the town, and left an occupying force in the rechristened Fort Mateo.

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Upon returning to St. Augustine, he received news that Ribault and his troops were stranded to the south. Menendez quickly moved to attack and massacred the French force on the shore of what became known as the Matanzas Riversparing only the Catholics among the French. With Fort Caroline captured and the French forces killed or driven away, Spain's claim to La Florida was legitimized by the doctrine of uti possidetis de factoor "effective occupation", [11] and Spanish Florida stretched from the Panuco River on the Gulf of Mexico up the Atlantic coast to Chesapeake Bay[12] leaving England and France to establish their own colonies elsewhere.

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But while Spain's rivals did not seriously challenge its claim to the vast territory for decades, a French force attacked and destroyed Fort Mateo inand English pirates and privateers regularly raided St. Augustine over the next century. Jean Ribault founded his colony at Port Royal in[14] having ly come upon the Florida. Johns, six miles from its mouth.

Johns with the women, the sick, and a handful of men. Augustine, at a spot located near the site of the present Castillo de San Marcos. At dating time the French cruisers that preyed on Spanish commerce [28] showed little mercy to the people taken in the richly laden galleons, unless their rank or wealth gave hopes of a large ransom; the Spaniards, when French cruisers fell into their hands, were unsparing as well. During the work some of Ribault's vessels appeared—they might have made a dash and captured the Spanish commander, but they merely reconnoitred, and retired to report.

The French fleet soon appeared, but Ribault faltered. Had he landed, success was possible; a way was open for retreat by land and water to his fort on the St. However, he chose to stand off. The French fleet would be swept before it and perhaps be wrecked, or escaping that, man driven so far that days would elapse before Ribault could make an attack. The Spanish attack was brief and successful. The French fort was overrun, and the Spanish flag was french above it.

Meanwhile, the settlers at the fort of St. Adding to this anxiety, the deserters who came back to the fort declared that the Asturian sailor, ignorant of military operations, would never return alive. Eventually a man was sighted who approached the settlement shouting. A second party, with Woman himself, were also slain at the hands of the Spanish. A few, however, who belonged to the Catholic faith, were spared. Augustine, and coasting north, came upon four vessels lying at anchor off the mouth of a river.

Johns because they were too large to pass the bars in safety. One of them was flying the Admiral's flag, another the flag of the Captain.

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In the opinion of the council it was deemed advisable to sail to Santo Domingo and to return to Florida in March of the following year. His presence was already known to the enemy, four of his ships were so crippled by the gale that they could not make good time, and he believed that if the French should give chase to his fleet, they could outsail it. He concluded that it was better to attack at once, and, having beaten them, to return to St. Augustine and await reinforcements.

His advice prevailed, so the Spaniards proceeded on their way. The Frenchmen soon perceived the Spanish approach and began firing at them, but their aim was directed too high, and the shot passed harmlessly between the masts without doing any damage. The Frenchmen had also heard the al and, taking advantage of the momentary pause, cut their cables, passed right through the Spanish fleet, and fled, three vessels turning to the north and the other to the south, with the Spaniards in hot pursuit.

Johns at ten o'clock in the morning to pursue his original plan of seizing and fortifying it. On attempting its entrance he discovered three ships up the river and at the point of the land two companies of infantry, who brought their artillery to bear upon him.

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So he gave up trying to capture the entrance and made for St. Johns in the morning, and, if unable to do so, to return to St. A storm arose and they were obliged to cast anchor off the coast, the vessels being so small they dared not to take to the sea. One of the three broke away, and while in this peril a French ship was sighted, but it did not attack them, although it hove to within a league of their own ship.

The following day, Thursday, September 6, after sighting a second French vessel they made for a nearby harbor, which proved to be that of St. Augustine, [39] and on landing found that the other two vessels had preceded them, having also arrived the same day. The harbor was near the village of an Indian chief named Seloy, [40] who received them cordially. The Spaniards at once went to work to fortify a large Indian dwelling, probably a communal house, which lay near the water's edge. Augustine, which became the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States.

Augustine from the Spaniards. On Friday, September 7, he sent his three smaller ships into the harbor, and three hundred more colonists were landed, along with the married men, their wives, and children, and most of the artillery and ammunition. On Saturday, the feast of Our Lady of Charity, the balance of the colonists, one hundred inand supplies were put ashore.

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Then the Adelantado himself landed amidst the waving of flags, the sounding of trumpets and other instruments, and the salutes of the artillery. The mass of Our Lady was solemnly chanted, and the oath was administered to the various officials in the presence of a large concourse of friendly Indians who imitated all of the postures of the Spaniards. The ceremony was concluded by the serving out of food to colonists and Indians alike. The negro slaves were quartered in the huts of the Indian village and work on the defenses proceeded with their labor.

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While these events were in progress, two of Ribault's ships, which the Spaniards had chased on the night of September 4, made a demonstration at the mouth of the harbor, offering combat to the San Pelayo and the San Salvadorwhich were unable to cross the bar on of their size, and lay outside exposed to attack. For these reasons the unloading was pushed rapidly forward. In the meantime he strengthened his position, and sought what information he could obtain of the situation of the French fort from the Indians.

They told him that it could be reached from the head of the harbor of St. Augustine, without going by sea, probably indicating a way by North River and Pablo Creek. Augustine his report to the King of the progress of the expedition.

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They killed the captain, master, and all the Catholics aboard, and made their way past Spain, France, and Flanders, to the coast of Denmark, [54] where the San Pelayo was wrecked and the heretics appear finally to have escaped. Meanwhile, the French at Fort Caroline had remained without news of the outcome of the attack.

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But on the reappearance of two of his vessels at the mouth of the St. Johns, Ribault went down the river to learn what had happened. He met on his way out a boatload of men returning from one of the ships, who told him of their encounter with the Spaniards, and informed him that they had seen three of the enemy's ships in the River of Dolphins and two more in the ro, where the Spaniards had disembarked and were fortifying their position.

On September 10, Ribault sailed away. Knowing the proximity of the Spaniards, and dreading a sudden descent upon the fort, he resolved to make shift for his own defense.

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He also set to work to repair the palisade which had been torn down to supply material for the ships, but continued storms hindered the work, which was never completed. Ribault made at once for St. Augustine with two hundred sailors and four hundred soldiers, [64] [65] which included the best men of the garrison at Fort Caroline.

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The tide was out and his boats so loaded that only by great skill was he able to cross it with his sloop, and escape; for the French, who had at once attempted to prevent his landing and thus to capture his cannon and the supplies he had on board, got so close to him, that they hailed him, and summoned him to surrender, promising that no harm should befall him. As soon as Ribault perceived that the boats had gotten out of his reach, he gave up the attempt and started in pursuit of the San Salvadorwhich was already six or eight leagues away. He then set before them the advantage which the moment presented for an attack upon Fort Caroline, with its defenses weakened by the absence of Ribault who might have taken the best part of its garrison with him, and Ribault's inability to return against the contrary wind, which in his judgment would continue for some days.

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His plan was to reach the fort through the forest and to attack it. If his approach was discovered, he proposed, on reaching the margin of the woods which surrounded the open meadow where it stood, to display the banners in such a way as to lead the French to believe that his force was two thousand strong. A trumpeter should then be sent to summon them to surrender, in which case the garrison should be sent back to France, and, if french did not, put to the knife.

In the event of failure the Spaniards would have become acquainted with the way, and could await at St. Augustine the arrival of reinforcements in March. Augustine, in case of the return of the French fleet. He then selected a company of five hundred men, three hundred of whom were arquebusiers and the remainder pikemen soldiers armed with muzzle-loading firearms and with spears and targeteers men armed with swords and buckler man.

Two Indian chiefs, whose hostility the French had incurred, and who had visited Fort Caroline six days before, accompanied the party to show the way. The point of land on which Fort Caroline was situated is separated from the seacoast by an extensive dating through which flows Pablo Creek, which rises a few miles from the head of North River. At no time was the water lower than up to their knees. Those who could Florida swim were carried across on the pikes. It was extremely fatiguing work, for "the rains continued as constant and heavy as if the world was again to be overwhelmed with a flood.

The vanguard selected the place for the night encampment, but it was difficult to find woman ground on of the flood. During their halts fires were built, but when within a day's march of Fort Caroline, even this was forbidden, for fear it would betray their approach to the enemy.

Thus the Spaniards pushed on for two days through the woods, streams, and swamps, without a trail to follow. The night was stormy and the rain fell so heavily that he thought he could approach it without being discovered, and encamped for the night in the pine grove on the edge of a pond within less than a quarter of a league from it.

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Inside Fort Caroline, La Vigne was keeping watch with his company, but taking pity on his sentinels, wet and fatigued with the heavy rain, he let them leave their stations with the approach of day, and finally he himself retired to his own quarters. Before dawn he held a consultation with his captains, after which the entire party knelt down and prayed for a victory over their enemies. Then he set out for the fort over the narrow path which led to it from the woods.

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