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Austin Texas TX expectations dating service, Service like picking expectations Texas wants dating

Austin Texas TX Expectations Dating Service
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Our in-person speed dating events, virtual speed dating events and matchmaking services offer fresh alternatives for Austin singles. Like a private club, not every dater is for us. We routinely screen those daters whom appear to be nice-challenged, while for those that tend to see the good in everything and everyone, the world of cheeky is theirs! With complimentary events and matchmaking opportunities - being lovely has all the perks. As a reporter for LA Talk Radio.

Name: Molly

How old am I: 22
Color of my iris: Clear gray eyes
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
I like to drink: I like to drink brandy
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Unfortunately this browser is not supported. Years in Business: 3. Overview of BBB Ratings. However, this doesn't mean we won't match someone sooner if the background check comes back quickly and the match is readily available. We matched the client on his 4th day as a member. We have never told a client that we exchange photos. We firmly believe in face-to-face meetings instead of trying to figure out who is right for you from a photo. Any claim that we "indicated" that photos would be exchanged is simply an untrue claim. We reserve the right to not match our clients until we receive feedback on their last match.

However, if we have a great match available we may move forward with a new match even if feedback has yet to be received. The client has been matched twice since ing but did not meet either match face-to-face. He called us back and asked us to call his matches to tell them that he had too much going on to meet them.

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He elected to place his membership on hold at that time. His membership is not eligible for any refund at this time. We will gladly matching him at his request. Statement one clearly shows they did indicates matching after 5 to 7 days and they did it sooner. This was one of the core commitments for me from the company.

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See my attachment, I am also disputing this charge through my American express card. The response they provided to my dispute shows even more inconsistency in there statements.

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Ultimately violating the verbal part of the agreement they indicated to me of 5 to 7 days is not acceptable. Also shows deception and inconsistency in the operations. Showing a path of lack of dishonesty or untruth.

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Statement two makes no sense, they took photos, I asked why, they told me so we ensure people are equally matched on all factors and clearly physique and appearance was one of those factors. When I was to be matched I would be given a profile on things we had in common and matched on. If physique is a factor why would I not see pictures as part of the profile, again, this is a misleading expectation. This is not how I was told it will work. Forth statement is false, I was matched twice, both times not under what was explained or promised, before 5 to 7 days, I was actually matched on day 2 not day 4, as they claim, read attached response from the company they provided AMEX — again, inconsistent.

Also, I did not turn down the first match, even though it was faster than explained, in fact, see attachment, the first match stepped back for family problems. Again, more false statements —. Not attempting to be disparaging but two different responses and different answers each time, not a good basis for credibility.

It was for only 5 matches, not the normal package as the 3 standard packages were far more expensive and did not give consideration to the current COVID situation and social challenges.

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I asked specifically because I have diagnosed anxiety disorder and was unsure on how this would work, especially with COVID. I would like a refund. There is nothing substantive in the response, they are confirming the matching time didn't meet the timeline they stated at point of sale, they are not addressing the other issues in misinformation stated in my response to them and the purchase. They need to address the misinformation in the responses in my original claim and the attached response regarding who canceled what matches, they are wrong in the response, and it shows in the one letter i provided I stated this in a direct response to the BBB, the filing earlier in the week was on a different computer and i did not see what the autofill sections were filling with.

It was an error, nothing false was indented or i would not have refiled and fixed the information.


What is clear here is the evasive nature of this company and the response as it matches up with the service and communications i continue to get at every turn. As stated, i've called the office the service was initiated through and asked who the point of contact is and they either hung up on me or when i called back put me on indefinite hold several times.

I do not understand why you would tell me to look up something you can far more easily provide me directly. I am asking directly, and hopefully the continued response of this company will remain public, please just provide me the name and address of the person to have legal summons and such served. After Ms. Forty-eight hours after ing, we were able to approve Ms. On June 18th, one of our representatives left Ms. We also sent an activation as well as some tips to help her find success with her program. On June 30th,another representative sent her an updating her on our progress with searching for her first potential match.

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On June 30th, we received a voic from Ms. One of our representatives immediately called her back and left her a voic asking her to please verify her address and give us a call back to go over her first matches details. She was also sent a text message to alert her of our voic.

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On July 8th,we finally connected with Ms. Unfortunately, she had not received our s. We went over the details of her first potential match which Ms. As each member is different in their matching requests and how they fit within our membership database, we cannot guarantee introductions in any specific time frame. We are excited for Ms. We will continue to assist her and move forward with her membership. We are always willing to go above and beyond our contractual obligations with our client to do everything in our power to help them find success. I will have a member of our staff reach out to him today to assist him.

Since they are willing to move forward will close complaint at this point. Will see what occurs from this point forward. If I find this is a stall tactic will reopen. We explained to the assistant that we could not speak with anyone other than our member due to privacy reasons. Our staff is empowered to not take abusive language from members. There is no reason or excuse for a member of our staff to be subjected to profanity when trying to assist a customer.

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Our staff member asked Mr. He was matched with Yvetta on June 6th. We have not received feedback from him concerning his match. We certainly did something right on his introduction to Diana as they dated for 10 months or so. We will continue to work for him to hopefully help him find the right person to share his life with. I will have a member of our matchmaking management staff reach out to Mr. Each time that I tried my password was rejected. Each time that it was rejected we had to reset my password.

AMM lead me to believe that they would do so. I still haven't received a response to the request that was made last week to reset my password to give me access to my. At this point, however, I just want out of the program - I no longer want to access my. When AMM did not respond to my request to reset my password, my assistant called back and got a man in Florida who did not even know the people that we were dealing with in Austin. I did not "curse" the Florida employee I was admittedly angry and stated "how do I get out of this god damn program" I said nothing disparaging about anyone.

The most important issue that I have with AMM, however, is that they misrepresent what they can deliver.

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I admit that they referred me one person who I dated for several months. They also referred me numerous other women who were totally unacceptable.

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The one women that I dated lived thirty minutes from my house. To pick her up and come back into Austin for dinner etc. At this point they can't even produce a date that lives in Austin. The last date that they recommended lived in Belton which is approximately 50 miles from Austin. I am a trial lawyer and am considering suing AMM because I do not believe that they really represent that many eligible women in Austin. This is completely contrary to what they represented to me when they ed me up.

Whether Mr. Using profanity when dealing with a member of our staff is inappropriate. As a Christian, I do not tolerate the use of profanity while on the phone and I certainly do not expect my staff to tolerate it.

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We certainly represent more eligible women in Austin that Mr. I will make a simple, one time, offer of compromise in this case. I am willing to cancel the remainder of Mr.

Our new persons

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