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Actively listen, with an open mind.

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INFORM - we must answer the questions and concerns people have, and educate the community about who we are and what we do. IMPROVE - the action step is to look for opportunities for US to to do better, to focus on the root causes of racism and biases so we can make things better for our community members.

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Please speak about Social Workers going out on non-criminal calls instead of or with the police officers. That may be a private provider or public provider, like a county social worker. We have had a Behavioral Health Officer, Sgt. Nacho Enriquez, for several years. We have been working on a behavioral health response team for over a year, one that brings law enforcement and clinicians together to respond to calls related to mental health.

This response model has a co-responder approach where law enforcement and crisis worker work together. In addition, we have been exploring opportunities for a triage system to re-direct crisis calls away from law enforcement when appropriate. Does the Chief have updates on classes being implemented on diversity or sensitivity training? We have been doing diversity, cultural competency, and sensitivity type training for over 20 years. We believe it must be perpetual and discussed frequently.

Some things we have done recently:.

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How do they know that they will have a mentally ill person? Do they ask certain questions? It is best if we know before we respond to an incident that it involves someone with a mental health condition so that we can respond properly and safely. But, there are many ways we can determine if someone is struggling with the symptoms of a mental illness:. Our records keeping system allows for us to have information on citizens who have had a mental health concern or a contact with our department. E Program Safety and Flag Enrollment. In this voluntary program, consumers of MH services can be connected with and participate in the program of having information added so officers are informed of issues if they are called to and address or for an individual.

We enter any pertinent information into our records and dispatch system so we are able to see what may upset or trigger them, as well as helpful tips when working with them during a potential crisis. Our Behavioral Health Officer also keeps a list of all the individuals he has worked with or who have been referred to him, and issues special bulletins with their pictures, their challenges, and how to best serve them. How can the public get the info to add their family to the database of emotionally challenged.

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They can contact our BHO directly and he can help with this part of the process, call and ask for Sgt. Nacho Enriquez. The form is then managed by us at the APD. Do they have the same approach that they have with emotionally challenged adults and with children?

There can be some differences in how we interact with children and adults. Still, the primary goal is to get the individuals connected to the appropriate resources as safe as possible. With Children, our goal is to find their parent or guardian to help guide us with how best to respond.

Racism and the wisconsin idea

All 12 of them are CIT Trained, a 40 hour training on how to identify someone with a mental health challenge and how to best respond to them. It depends on what it is, some policy changes are easy and quick to do, but changing the table of organization, or creating a program, takes much longer. Sometimes it can take a take a year or two because have to do a needs assessment, find financial support, create the program, policy, staffing, and how we will monitor and evaluate the program.

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If it involved staffing changes or city money it would need to get approved through city council. How do we handle police officers with prior records, how are they relocated, is it public knowledge. There is a lot of information on this in the media that is inaccurate or incomplete, it is largely law enforcements fault for not explaining our hiring processes and requirements better.

We do a more intense background than is done for almost every profession, except for maybe a military security clearance.

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The background investigations on officers are more extensive than you have done on your teachers, social workers, licensing for lawyers, judges, doctors, etc When we get candidate from other agency we review their personnel files and do personal interviews with co-workers and supervisors. We interview family, friends, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, enemies, and former roommates.

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We do credit checks, financial searches, social media searches, police contact checks, search for civil cases, and interview their neighbors. They have to pass a written test, a physical test, and three interview panels. The last panel is comprised of our Police and Fire Commission, five civilians from the community.

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If they make it through those they are given a medical test and attend a psychological testing that lasts about 4 hours with a psychiatrist. They also must complete a polygraph test to confirm everything they told us during the process was truthful. When organizers work with us we can provide suggestions and properly staff the event.

If any of those thing occur we may deal with it immediately, or we may decide that it is safer to address it at a later date, depending on the severity of the offense and the situation at the time.

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I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen of Appleton regarding the unequal treatment of racial minorities across our country. Although nothing too concerning has come to my attention regarding our city but I believe we must play a role in ensuring that the social, financial, educational and judicial inequalities that exist amongst Americans are eliminated forever.

As a member of ……. Muslim Community whose members have been persecuted in my country of birth and elsewhere, I relate to the injustice felt by victimized minorities. I believe the anger and frustration we see today in African Americans goes far beyond the history of slavery and segregation. I understand that this may require several years of diligent work put in and perhaps we may not see a visible change in our generation but we must start the process and radically change the way we invest in our communities particularly minorities like the African Americans.

We should invest in more training of our officers to deescalate a potentially violent situation rather than resorting to use of excessive force. Although incidences like the one in Minneapolis are still few but we cannot continue to ignore them and hope that this will not happen again. I would love to see ongoing dialogues between African American community leaders and law enforcement in town halls and other organized events so we can build trust and bring peace to our country again.

Thank you for your leadership in this difficult time. We have been reaching out for decades, and will continue to as we hope to make our community more welcoming and safe to African Americans, and other people who may be marginalized or discriminated against in our amazing city. On a recent call between faith leaders, Governor Evers, and Lt.

Governor Barnes we were encouraged to ask our respective Chief of police if our county is practicing archaic manuvaures to subdue suspects or deadly choke holds. I spoke with my parishioners and these are some of the questions they requested we collectively submit.

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Thank you Chief for your time and I look forward to your responses on the web as we in unity move our city forward. There is so much misinformation out there and we hope this platform is a safe way for people to get the facts. Greetings of peace. As your constituent, I was heartened to read the reaffirmation of your commitment to addressing bias, making meaningful connections and building trust.

Appleton's founding

This is just a start, and I know it will take systemic and institutional change to make a lasting impact. True change will involve strategizing, mobilizing, and unifying all segments of our society. It will involve real, inclusive, at times uncomfortable, dialogue.

It will mean ensuring that all have access to fully participate in all aspects of society- and be valued. The black experience in America in particular has been one of perseverance.

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I hope as our mayor you will persevere long-term for the cause of justice, after the din of protests has died down. I look forward to the systemic work you will do for the cause of justice and in making Appleton a truly exemplary city- one which others can look to as a model.

Thank you for all the work you do!

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I am very thankful for your message and we appreciate the wonderful, respectful relationship we have had with the American Muslims in our community. We commit to continue to work on this and fight for those oppressed and marginalized in our community. We received the same question and comment, that appears to be copied and pasted, from several Lawrence University Students.

I am ing today to insist that Appleton defund the police department in favor of investing in more effective community safety measures. I believe that in order to build a city that can honestly welcome everyone, there need to be systems in place that work for everyone. It is clear to me that the current system of policing does not accomplish this goal. Police brutality towards Black people has been a long-standing issue in police departments across the country, and Appleton is no exception.

Additionally, one reason there are so few Black people who live in Appleton is because up untilit was a sundown town. The police state has proved time and time again to be unresponsive to reform initiatives, and it is time to end this violence and injustice.

Our new persons

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These web s were prepared by the staff of the Appleton Public Library, based on a pamphlet created by Library staff in entitled "A History of the Founding of Appleton.